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Introducing MetroLight’s new LumiSquare family of High Brightness, High Bay LED Fixtures

Metrolight introduces a high brightness, high bay LED fixture that is powered by LitoDrive™ technology and is fully compatible with Metrolight's control system. Today customers can implement Metrolight's LED solution and enjoy its many benefits. PDF datasheet For more information click here.

Lamp Compatibility List Update:

Philips Creates New Lamp for Metrolight Ballast

Philips has created a specific version of the MASTER SON-T APIA Plus Xtra lamp. This specific version is compatible with electronic drivers that use a high frequency (HF) wave shape to operate the lamp.
The MASTER SON-T APIA Plus Xtra 250W HF E40 and MASTER SON-T APIA Plus Xtra 400W HF E40 will be performing according to specification on Metrolight SmartHID 250W & 400W drivers (as produced from 2010 onwards).
Download the full lamp compatibility list

Introduction to Metrolight Automation Software (MAS)

Metrolight Automation Software (MAS) allows users to control lamps, sensors, air conditioning units, and other devices - individually, or in groups - via virtual or physical keypads.

Introducing the LitoDrive

Metrolight’s new competitively priced LitoDrive LED driver technology is a highly efficient programmable solution for driving and controlling LEDs. The driver offers complete adaptability to the user’s needs, and the Read more...

Innovative LED and IoT Solutions

Metrolight provides proven controlled eHID and LED solutions for high-power lighting. Metrolight's solutions are used in retail, commercial and municipal applications and provide a gateway to the IoT - Internet of Things.

Case Studies

Apr. 30, 2015
GreenTek Lighting and Metrolight join forces

Jun. 8, 2014
Thank you for visiting us at Lightfair 2014! See you in NYC on 2015

Apr. 27, 2014
Metrolight will be exhibiting at Lightfair 2014, booth 5008. Come visit us!

Mar. 16, 2014
New Multichannel Controllers launched!